My Story

I’m Rachel, a wife and mother of two. My journey as a birth professional began in 2015, while taking Bradley Method classes. The birth of my first child, Evie, was a beautiful, powerful and transformative experience. I knew that I would eventually leave my career to become a doula. 

In 2017, we moved to South Africa, where I worked with a non-profit organization empowering women from underprivileged community. I finished my training as a doula and taught classes on labor, birth, nutrition, breastfeeding and infant care. I had the privilege of serving as a birth doula to several women in public hospitals.  My year working in this difficult context was formative and challenging. 

Unfortunately, many women don’t have a positive experience of birth. And many women desire to breastfeed but struggle to overcome challenges. But I believe that with the right support, nearly all women can birth and breastfeed successfully. Our bodies are amazing, and they are made to do this! I look forward to serving women here in Philadelphia as a birth doula and childbirth educator. It is my privilege to help women confidently walk into the new role of motherhood!