Image by Luma Pimentel

What's a Doula ?

Strength in Support

"Doula" comes from the Greek word "doulos" meaning a willing servant. A doula is a non-medical birth professional who provides emotional, informational and physical support for families during pregnancy, labor and the early postpartum period.

My job is to make sure you have the healthiest, most satisfying pregnancy and birth experience possible. I can support you in the hospital, a birth center, or homebirth - no matter what kind of birth you prefer! 

Studies show that having a birth doula increases positive outcomes, decreases pain and reduces the risk of needing an unplanned cesarean section.

According to a host of research studies, having a doula results in :

 - 28% decrease in cesarean sections 

-  9% less use of pain medications

 - 31% less use of synthetic oxytocin to augment labor 

- 40 minutes average shorter labor 

 - Increased APGAR scores after birth

- Higher rates of breastfeeding

- Overall more positive experiences

How do we do it? 

Doulas provide continuous, compassionate support. A doula can assist you through various pain-management techniques such as relaxation, water therapy, visualization, breathing, massage, counter-pressure, and recommending position changes that help the labor process. Most of all, we're just there for you and your partner. And if you're familiar with the fear-tension-pain cycle, you know that fear increases the perception of pain. We help you  relax and be confident in your body! 

It's important to note what a doula is NOT: 

- I won't make decisions for you. 

- I don't do anything clinical, like vaginal exams.

- I don't take the place of your partner or birth companion, but rather support the whole family. I help partners feel confident in their role!