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I hired Rachel to be my birthing doula for the delivery of my first child, Oliver. Being a nurse, I thought I had some ideas about what giving birth might be like, but also had lots of uncertainty since this was my first pregnancy. Rachel met me where I was at, respecting every decision I made in preparation of and during my delivery, while providing helpful suggestions I had not previously thought of. 

But the greatest thing about having Rachel as my doula was her presence. I had a very long and difficult labor, more than 14 hours of which was active labor in the hospital, and Rachel was there with me through every single contraction. Each time the pain came, sometimes only a minute apart, Rachel was there. She talked and breathed me through each contraction, and helped me rest in between. She was always ready with a sip of water, a tube of chapstick, or a pillow to prop against, just when I needed it. She anticipated my needs often without me having to express them. While my labor was very long and intense, I was able to have a safe vaginal delivery of a healthy baby boy, and I don’t know how I would have been able to do that without Rachel’s support. She helped make what could have been a traumatic birthing experience into something I look back on with joy and pride. I would recommend Rachel to any pregnant woman, whether this is your first child or your tenth, she will be there to support you in whatever needs you have. 

 ~  Bethannie

I used to think Doula's were only for people with clueless husbands. Now I realize how incredible they are for not only those intense moments of labor but the process leading up to it as a family, and especially the days afterwards! Rachel sat with my husband and I and helped us process our expectations, our hopes, and fears (so important to do this BEFORE going into labor). She was his doula as much as mine! I really enjoyed her breastfeeding class. So interactive, fun, and informative. (You don't know what you don't know until you try it!) I went through so much intense prodromal labor and she was such a huge emotional support through it. She sat and talked with me while we sorted through baby clothes and folded them, so I'd feel more at peace because I felt like baby was coming anytime all the time, lol! On the big day, she was such a strong and peaceful presence. We had a home birth, and she worked in step with the midwife and her assistant, helping me try different things in early labor, staying out of the way when I felt I needed to be alone, and coming in clutch with water & electrolytes etc when I was nearing the finish line. I ended up needing to take a short ride to the hospital for some stiches, and she stayed home with my husband, taught him how to diaper and swaddle the baby, and cooked up some food for everyone while dad and baby fell asleep on the couch. I can't express how much peace I felt leaving baby and dad at home & keeping them out of the hospital knowing Rachel was there with them to keep an eye on them. It was so nice to have someone who was there to process our birth experience after the fact. To visit, and be a source of encouragement in the huge transition into motherhood. I would absolutely recommend her to any mother. She was so helpful to have around for our home birth, and I recommend her to all my friends. As an RN myself who has seen the good and the bad of the hospital labor and delivery setting, there's no way in hell I would go there without a doula. (sorry for the strong words, but I think I have PTSD from all those other women's experiences from my RN rotations). A doula is worth the investment 200%. And if that doula is Rachel, 300%. Don't do it without her! <3"


"Rachel is an excellent childbirth educator. Not only is she knowledgeable and enthusiastic, but she takes the time to patiently explain concepts. She is open to discussing topics that are most important to her clients, and I never felt judged for the choices I made."

~ Janine 

" Hiring Rachel as my Doula was the primary reason my second birthing experience was much better than my first. My first birth experience was traumatic. I felt powerless, scared, mentally and emotionally unprepared for labor, and unaware of the options that were available to me. This time around I was determined to have a better, if not empowering, birth experience. Hiring Rachel as my Doula was an essential part of achieving that goal.
During our prenatal visits and chats, Rachel helped me navigate my OB appointments by informing me of the various options that were available to me as a patient and how to communicate with doctors who sometimes wanted to schedule unnecessary interventions. As a result, I felt much more prepared and better able to advocate for myself. Second, Rachel helped me mentally and emotionally prepare for labor by practicing relaxation techniques and helping me to think differently, and more productively, about pain and discomfort. As a result, I wasn’t afraid during labor and my coping techniques enabled me to labor at home through most of active labor.
Third, having Rachel present through labor and delivery was immensely comforting. Not only did she help me labor during a difficult transition phase, she also informed me of my various options and enabled me to make decisions from a place of knowledge rather than fear. The entire experience was empowering and, in a way, seemed to heal me from my first traumatic birth experience.
I wholeheartedly recommend Rachel as a Doula for a better and empowering birth experience.

-- Rosanna

My husband and I had our first baby in December 2021. Rachel helped us a lot to prepare for that day. We discussed what to expect and how to manage my stress and anxiety. Rachel provided us with many tips and information on how to limit interventions and advocate for myself with hospital staff. We also worked on my birthing preferences together. After birth Rachel provided us with a lot of materials and resources on how to establish lactation and helped me at home with latching techniques. Rachel is a smart, confident, and compassionate doula, and the exact person you want to be with you during a vulnerable and stressful time."

- Anastasiya 

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