Childbirth Classes

Educational Class Offerings: 

Nutrition, Exercise & Pregnancy 

What can you do now to set yourself up for a healthy pregnancy?

Be ready to ask all your pregnancy-related questions! 

Labor and Birth -  Part One 

      Understand what to expect! Know your choices about providers, medical interventions, and pain management. Face your fears about birth, and understand how fear can influence pain. 

Labor and Birth - Part Two - Comfort Measures 

        Learn to cope with pain using positions, breathing and other natural techniques. 


Breastfeeding and Infant Care 

           Learn the mechanics of breastfeeding positions, latch, and overcoming common problems.

(This is a big one, because most people don’t realize that there is a huge learning curve to breastfeeding!) 

Classes can be held virtually or in-person. I charge $75 per 3-hour class.

Classes will not accommodate more than a few couples, to give you plenty of time to address personal needs and questions.

See the events on the homepage to sign-up, or contact me @ 512-596-7797.