Childbirth Classes



Part One: Understanding Labor: 

Saturday, January 8th 9-12pm (location TBD)

- Evaluating perspectives. goals and fears

- the fear/pain connection 

- The stages of labor - What's happening, how it might feel, what to expect and what you and your partner can do


 Part Two : The Medical Side of Childbirth  

 Saturday, January 15th 9-12pm 

-  The medical model vs. midwifery model of care

 - Understanding routine procedures 

- Handling Interventions and unexpected emergencies 

- Informed decision making 

- Medical pain management options


Part Three: Comfort Measures 

Saturday, January 22nd, 9-12pm 

 Learning strategies and techniques including: 

- positioning and movement 

- breathing 

- The "Three R's" - rhythm, relaxation, ritual


Part Four: Breastfeeding and Infant Care

January 29th, 9-12pm 

- Understanding supply and demand

- Techniques, positions and latch 

- Decision making about bottles, pacifiers and pumps

- Overcoming common problems including pain, clogged ducts, and low supply.  


I have cut the class on prenatal health and nutrition and created a separate, free webinar for expectant, first-time moms. I have also expanded this course to more adequately allow time for participation. Spouses are encouraged to attend! Max capacity is 6 couples. 

Classes cost $75 each / $300 for the series. Doula clients are discounted 25%. 

sliding scale / flexible payments available for cases of financial hardship.