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Childbirth Classes


Classes are taught locally at Berachah Church in Cheltenham, PA. This is a relaxed, spacious setting allowing you to feel comfortable and unhurried. My format for classes gives time for you to interact with information through hands-on activities and conversation. I incorporate a wide variety of learning styles and know that most people learn best though doing and experiencing, not by merely listening. 

We go deep, and you'll learn much more information than in a shorter, traditional hospital class. 

I want all my expectant moms and their partners to feel very prepared, not just for the birth itself, but for the whole transition into parenthood! 

Classes Offered Routinely: 

Pregnancy 101: Now What? (free webinar)

This is a free, informal workshop for you to converse with other mothers, ask question (really, anything) completely judgement free. Pregnancy can be an overwhelming time, receiving a deluge of information. Learn about your options, how to evaluate your own goals and find a care provider that is right for YOU. 

Childbirth Preparation: Body, Heart and Mind 

We go in-depth to evaluate our own goals and fears around childbirth and parenting. Learn how fear heightens the perceptions of pain, and how to use knowledge to change how you will experience labor. Learn about the stages of labor, what to expect and what you and your partner can do to help labor progress as easily as possible.


The Medical Side of Childbirth & Informed Decision Making

Understand different choices you have as you create your birthing preferences. Learn about common interventions, and how to use your BRAIN (benefits, risks, alternatives, intuition, or nothing), learn how to increase positive communication with your care provider. There's always a lot of "what if" questions when we talk about childbirth. The only thing expected is that birth never quite goes as expected! Having this knowledge will help you prepared so that you feel confident in your ability to make decisions, even if birth doesn't quite go according to planned. It's your body, and your birth! 

Comfort Measures

Breathing, relaxation skills, movement, positioning, and advanced techniques including massage, and counterpressure ... learn all the skills you need to feel comfortable and help labor progress! Partner attendance is always encouraged. This class especially will help your partner learn how they can best support you. 

Breastfeeding & Infant Care 

The big secret that many don't know is that breastfeeding is a LEARNING CURVE. A big one, really. It comes easy as pie for some, and with a lot of tears and frustrations with others. You can arm yourself with knowledge. We talk about the mechanics of breastfeeding, supply and demand, and how to overcome common challenges (nipple pain, clogged ducts, latch issues, engorgement, etc). We use dolls and practice positioning and other techniques. The great news is that with the right knowledge and support, most women are able to overcome challenges in breastfeeding.  We also talk about the basics of infant care. Feeding, swaddling, diapering, bathing, etc. Bring all your questions and be prepared to have fun. 

This July, I am offering the full 4-module course in an intensive format, for busy working moms! The two 6-hour classes will be held on July 9th and 23rd. 

You are more than welcomed to sign-up for modules separately.

Please see my events page for sign-up for email me for more information: 

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